1. A short video of my trip to Loweswater :)


  2. "There are essentially only two drugs that Western civilization tolerates: Caffeine from Monday to Friday to energize you enough to make you a productive member of society, and alcohol from Friday to Monday to keep you too stupid to figure out the prison that you are living in."
  3. wwiao:

    god bless america

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  6. 15 min free wifi on the train = tumblr


  8. astroblonde:

    Your mouth 
    could do
    to my
    but you’re a
    I’m willing to
    because I have a feeling
    your hands
    would do
    to my

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  9. Superficial Relationships

    The love I bear for you
    Is that of sonnet 130
    I hate declaring my love
    Though think it’s nice that you love me.

    Your affection compares
    With charity ads on tv
    Not a soul likes them
    But couldn’t ever leave them be.

    Please stay! (Before you leave)
    I cannot stand…

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  10. The Difference

    I am happy, I’m not sorry,
    I’m not sorry I am happy,
    I am happy, you are jealous,
    I am loved, but you are lonely.
    I’m alive and you are scripted,
    I have faith and you are scared,
    I am scared, but I am young,
    it’s okay to be un-prepared.
    I am smart, but you are…

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  11. The Outsider

    The notion of moving to the city had forever enticed me; mindful of crafting a new life. So with a fresh postal address and a burning determination to become a Londoner (note: sounded lan-dan-er), I began.
    It didn’t take long to embody the southern…

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  12. The Tree’s Notebook

    Her leaves flew,
    of autumnal poetry.

    The season changed, exposing logs
    to lick my unwanted work on the fire.

    And I? I slipped and
    the paper
    she bore
    into a puddle and
    my inky poetry ran.

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  13. Ode to Howl

    I see the best minds of my generation being destroyed by madness,
    ignoring a label of mindless thugs; defying statistics as escapists of The Box,
    clever new-wave artists living for the moment for their instincts for the war on the ugly system’s…

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  14. Braving It

    Braving It.

    Perched on the foot of her bed, she gulped cigarette smoke, letting it settle a while in her mouth before filling the room. Lakshmi’s hair rested in one tame plait, furnishing her undressed spine. She stared blindly around her solitary room.…

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  15. Ten Stop Tube Ride

    Rushing into the capsule, I remove as many of my festive layers as decency consents. A dozen robotic men and women accompany me in this daily ritual; a dozen thermostats adjusting to suit the battery compartment.
    I acquire a lucky seat, away from the…

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